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Augmented Reality (AR) models examples

Augmented Reality is a cool and fast growing area in computer design. Adding CG elements into the real world is an area that has many uses and potential for fun and business. Images showing your products to a customer in a whole new light that allows them to walk around or rotate things in a virtual space.

What do I need to view AR (Augmented Reality) models?

As browsers advance, it is no longer necessary to install apps on your mobile devices to get the full effects of AR. Imagine sending a customer a prototype of your products to look at before they arrive. Animation gives you the ability to show how objects work. Impress prospective buyers or customer with products that haven't even been released yet to drum up interest or simply to gauge their interest before spending a lot of time and effort into your new concepts.

Improve your marketing efforts with Augmented Reality

Technology isn't always used to replace things. Sometimes they just make existing marketing efforts better. Contact Bear Toe Design to find out how we can help you stand out from your competition.

Simple Augmented Reality Animated Example of Mars

Mars AR example

Apollo 11 Augmented Reality Mission Example for the 50th Anniversary

Apollo 11 AR example

Earth's Moon Augmented Reality Model

AR Earth's Moon

Simple AR Rocket Animation

AR firework animation

Simple Bear Toe Design Logo - Animated

AR Bear Toe Design Logo

Educational Augmented Reality Models

Scientific AR Models

Simple Animated Atom (Rutherford's model)

AR Animated Atom

Chocolate Easter Bunny and Eggs

AR Easter Bunny

Mothers Day Augmented Reality Rose

AR Easter Bunny

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