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Why CGI?

CG ButterflyComputer Generated Images (or CGI) have been around for a very long time and yet it is still a fast evolving area of computers. With faster computers and processing speeds, what was once “hard to do” has become simpler and better. Rendering engines are improving all the time and the quality of what they can produce is amazing.


But what is the advantage of using CGI?

CG gives people the ability to create things that in many cases otherwise can’t be created or are not yet created. Maybe you are working on a product that is only a concept but would like to see it before investing large amounts of money into a real prototype. Maybe that CG model looks good and now you need a prototype built. In an era of 3D printing CG models give you the framework to do just that.


But let’s say you already have that product and just need to promote it. CG modeling and animation can give you things that are extremely expensive or impossible to do with traditional cameras. Impossible camera angles can give your potential clients the ability to see your products in a way they’ve never seen before and that advantage could put you ahead of your competition.


And of course there is the fantasy side of CG. Never before has it been easier to create worlds and characters that once took numerous people and a lot of money to create. Nearly anything you can think up can be done.


With VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) becoming more and more a part of daily life advertising, game, movies and TV shows are changing before our eyes. The ability to see things differently, and from anywhere in the world, is changing life as we know it.


It costs a lot, doesn’t it?

Yes and no. CG modeling is time-consuming work but in many ways is significantly cheaper and can give you a lot more. Depending on the project, video production can be extremely expensive when you factor in cameras, lights, audio and editing time. Not to mention a place, time and the people to do it all. With CG graphics and animation you can create the environments you need or, in the case of AR, add them to the world someone is in. You can show things in a way that video simply can’t do for you. “Shoot” angles that you can’t get in real life.


You can also enhance live video with the use of CG and take them to another level.


Maybe you have a project where showing how something is traveling in the back of a delivery truck or even more, the inside of the package itself would be beneficial. Maybe you want to display how something would hold up in an inhospitable environment. I can tell you the cost of filming that in real life is not cheap and maybe not possible. CG modeling gives you that ability.


But maybe this is too much. Taking a flat logo and improving it and maybe animating it might be all you need. A simple intro video with 3D elements or your logo can greatly improve any project.


Creating a VR world must take a lot of people.

Yes many projects take a lot of time and people but you’d be surprised how many projects are done by one or two people and how quickly things can be made. As with every project the more you add or want can increase a projects time and needed resources but video games and movies have never been easier and faster to create.


CG, VR and AR are changing the way we see things and I can help you be a part of that.


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