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Computer design and creativity is an ever evolving process. For this reason, Bear Toe does not stick with one style of design and never moves forward. The focus is to keep businesses and friends on the edge of new technologies. Many people have no clue why they need the latest technologies but only that they just "need it" for their projects. This is where Bear Toe steps in.

Customer driven

Every project is unique. With that comes different needs, from an artistic standpoint. Bear Toe looks to satisfy customers with the needs that their projects require.

Real world solutions

Would you like to take your products to a higher level of design?

Are you interested in lowering your business costs by showing customers how your products will look or work, without shipping samples or visiting them?

Would giving customers the ability to look at your products, from more than just a flat image, help increase your sales?

Maybe AR and VR are the next step you need to consider taking. Augmented reality allows customer to use a device and see objects in a real world environment, when they aren't physically there. This technology allows customer to walk "around" the object and even see them moving or changing. Even more, this can all be done without needing to install apps or additional add-ons on a phone or web browser. See some example of this here

Virtual Reality allows people to remotely step into worlds that don't exist and view them from the a perspective that they would have, if they were really there. The flexibility of this technology allows users to view the scenes with or without a headset.




About Me

I may be dating myself a bit but I've been working with computer design since the Atari and Commodore 64 days.
10 PRINT "Hello"
20 GOTO 10

I've always been fascinated by the advancement of computers and softwares and have never stopped learning the latest, bleeding edge, technologies. With 20+ years of graphic, web design and bulk email experience I've seen a lot of changes. These days I've branched out into CG designs and animations, VR, AR, vector graphics and 3D printing model designs. I prefer to use open source software and support the community but have experience with many proprietary programs as well.


As a U.S. Army Veteran I often think back to how odd it was that design and new computer technologies were even a part of that journey in my life too. Harvard Graphics and the early versions of Microsoft Office were very popular and came naturally to me. I enjoyed every opportunity to use them and grow from them.

I consider myself a handy man of computers. There are few areas of computing that I have not experienced. From vector artwork to coding to audio to video editing and more. As a Creative I'm always looking to learn and take on any challenge.


Being located in Murrieta, California seems like the perfect spot to be close to the action in the various computer industries.


I currently spend a lot of time working with 3D modeling, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and have several projects in the works.


"Like Father like Son" - My son is a freelancer specializing in character design and games. He specializes in Maya, Keyshot, zBrush and a lot of other 3D modeling resources.

Check him out on his site - Pnut Workshops

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