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CG models can be used for many things from adding interesting elements to videos or animations. STL models can be used for 3d printing or CNC machines. Create an endless supply of assets for video games, apps or AR/VR worlds.


Creating your own models can save time and money on your projects and be easily changed without needing to re-shoot live photos.


Show customer or potential clients a representation of what their final product will look like in a real world setting before adding manufacturing costs and prototype production.


CG model examples

Papa Bear holiday image
Simple Father's Day Bear advertisement

CG Circus Bottle Game
CG Circus Bottle Toss Game. (WIP - Simple and to be used as background in a CG short in the works)

CG Memorial Day Video Still
Still from short Memorial Day CG tribute.

CG Champagne Bottle Model

Basic CG model of Champagne Bottle
Custom 3D Champagne Bottle Example

3D Pallet of products
3D Color Coded Products on an Pallet

3D Product Model
3D Product Model

3D Bear Profile
CG Bear Face Example (Profile) - In partnership with Pnut Workshops

CG Bear Face
3D Bear Face - In partnership with Pnut Workshops






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