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CG Product Modeling

CG custom champagne bottle

In many cases it's easier to create CG models of products when lights, camera equipment and space can be hard to come by. CG models make it possible for your customers or clients to see angles and things that you can't capture with a traditional camera

CG Worlds and EnvironmentsImage2

Full scenes and environments for movies, advertisements, video games, shorts and animations.

VR and AR assetsImage3

CG models can be used in games, virtual reality, augmented reality and animations. High quality assets produced quickly.  (WIP model)

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Why should you hire Bear Toe?

With over 30 years in the digital design and marketing industry you'll have to look far and wide to find a diverse and cutting edge company. For this reason, Bear Toe Design may be the best choice for your advertising, marketing, 3D and graphic design needs. The location in Southern California makes for a perfect spot to work with someone of the leaders in the industry to help you achieve the goals you're looking for.

Due to Covid-19 many businesses need a strong marketing campaign to get back to where they were. This is where Bear Toe Design will help you!

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